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Sunderby Hospital
Dept of Clinical Chemistry
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Specimen collection of semen samples for fertility investigation

Please contact the Clinical Chemistry Department of Laboratory Medicine, Sunderby Hospital for an appointment prior to specimen collection. Telephone 0920-28 26 94. 

Abstain from ejaculation for 3 to 5 days prior to sample collection. Abstinence for a shorter or longer period will influence the quality of the semen sample. 

The sample is produced by masturbation into the sterile specimen container provided by the laboratory. Do not use condom, since these contain substances that will destroy the sperms. 

Patients in Norrbotten shall deliver the specimen within 30 minutes of collection to the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory at Sunderby Hospital, staircase D, 4th floor. The sample can be collected at the Laboratory.

Complete the referral received from your doctor and mark the specimen container with your name and your social security number prior to delivery. 

Keep the container at room or body temperature, preferably close to the body. The sample should not be subjected to temperatures below +18 or above +40 degrees C

If, at ejaculation, some of the semen should end up outside the container please write "incomplete sample" on the referral.




Specimen collection of semen samples for fertility investigation